CNC wood pallet nailing machine

The wood pallet nailing machine is increasing year by year. The nailing machine in the market is developing towards automation. Our company is a professional wooden pallet nailing machine manufacturer, supply all kinds of pallet nailing machine. CNC wooden pallet nailers cost very little and can quickly produce the desired wooden pallet.

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Automatic wood pallet nailing machine is mainly used in the production of American and European pallets. Our pallet nailing machine is equipped with a pallet turnover device and palletizing device, high degree of automation. The whole machine adopts automatic program control, the operating system adopts imported PLC. Our company has made a lot of improvements to the wooden pallet nailing machine, and the price of the wooden pallet nailing machine is relatively low. The machine runs stably and can run continuously and efficiently.

Automatic wood pallet nailing machine is an important equipment to connect the pallet wood.  The worker will put the bound plate on the single-person pallet nailing machine, and the nail gun will move automatically under the drive of the servo motor to make nails. After the completion of napping, the palletizing machine equipped behind the machine will automatically palletize. The whole process can be operated through the touch screen, and the program automatically controls the nail, nail gun speed of 4 times per second, which is 3 times the manual. The whole process of manual feeding, automatic nailing, automatic stacking.
Model PM-1300MD American pallet nailing machine PM-1300ED European pallet nailing machine
Processing size 800*800-1300*1300 800*800-1300*1300
Single-sided nailing cycle time 10-15s 10-15s

Automatic Wood Pallet Block Nailing Machine (5)1.5kWservo motor

 Technical parameters of nailing machine (3)  Corner cut Technical parameters of nailing machine (2) Conveyor

When the nailing machine is working, a person needs to put the sawn wood board on the nailing machine, and then start the switch button of the nailing machine, and the machine automatically completes the rest of the nailing work. When the wood pallet nailing equipment is working, the nailing position is the same, the depth is the same, and the error is less than 1 mm. The machine design is exquisite, stable performance, excellent structure. Can be equipped with leakage nail, empty nail detection device. Time-saving, labor-saving, multi-functional.

1. the use of professional controller, with customized supporting software, safe and stable operation, high production efficiency. 2. the use of servo motor and precision servo reducer: mechanical operation precision is high, to ensure the working size is consistent. 3. It can process American standard pallets and European standard pallets, can be customized non-standard pallets. 4. The operation is simple, one person can operate. Manual feeding, automatic nail, automatic palletizing. 5. Touch screen operation, program control automatic nail, nail gun speed 4 times/second, feeding speed 400 /8 hours, is 3 times manual.

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