CNC Wood Cutting Machine,Automatic Wood Saw

Automatic wood cutting machine is an important part of wood pallet production line. Automatic wood saw machine can cut the wood to the same length of the board and block. Wood saw cutting table can automatically feed, automatic sawing, the machine running efficient, fast, safe, simple operation. One person can operate the wood cutter saw machine work, the work efficiency is high, save labor. Automatic cutting saw, also known as automatic wood cutting table, saw table for circular saw, wood cutting saw.

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The automatic wood saw table is a mechanical product developed by Palletmach Company. cnc sawing machines require only one person to control the wood sawing work. The machine can also be used for cutting wooden beams and columns, particleboard, solid wood floor, wood pallet, plywood, multi-layer board, etc. The table wood cutting machine adopts automatic control, the performance is more stable. The equipment is simple and flexible, and can be operated by one worker. During the operation of the wood cutting saw, the worker simply puts the wood into the table of the cutting machine, and the machine runs automatically with very high accuracy.

With workers' wages rising, production costs rising and profits shrinking, wood factory are in desperate need of labor-saving and power-saving circular saw machine to replace their old products. This kind of wood cutting saw is in line with the current trend, its cutting speed is 3-4 times that of ordinary saws, greatly improving the production efficiency and expanding the profit margin. The products produced are smooth and neat, no indentation, and improve the market competitiveness. The quality of products is reliable, stable and durable, and has won the trust of customers at home and abroad.



Cutting size CNC wood cutting saw (2) CNC wood cutting saw (3)

CNC wood cutting saw (5)  5-30m/min


CNC wood cutting saw (4) 7.5kW

Blade diamater

CNC wood cutting saw (6) 450mm-500mm

CNC wood cutting saw (7) CNC wood cutting saw (1)

1. The position of the saw blade can be set according to the required size to cut wood once. 2. Humanized design of working platform, easy and smooth feeding. High degree of automation, stable performance. 3. wood cutting saw greatly reduce labor force and improve efficiency. Easy to replace saw blade, simple operation. 4, safe operation, semi-automatic feeding system, no safety risks. High pressure dust blower is adopted to greatly improve the working environment.

1. Workers are not allowed to put their hands into the pressure beam or open the back cover of the CNC sawing machine head. Power must be turned off before adjusting or repairing the machine. 2. Check whether the saw blade is sharp before processing to prevent the lack of sharpness of the saw blade from affecting the processing quality. 3. Before adjusting or maintaining the wood table saw machine, the power supply must be turned off, that is, the main switch of the machine must be turned off.

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