Wood Crushing Machine,Wood Shredder

The wood crusher machine can crush all kinds of wood, and the produced wood chips can be made into new wood products, thereby improving the utilization value of these woods. The power of the wood crushing machine is very strong, and some waste wood with relatively high hardness, density and texture can also be easily crushed and processed, turning waste into treasure.

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Wood crusher is a wood processing equipment developed by our company. Can process a wide range of waste wood, compared with the traditional wood crushing machine can process a variety of wood containing impurities. Such as wood with nails, wood pallet, wood bracket, branches, and all kinds of plant roots and stalks, a wide range of application, good crushing effect. Because the crusher equipment needs to process all kinds of wood, so the chain plate is used to transport raw materials to the crusher, the chain plate can make the feed more smoothly, greatly improve the production capacity.

The wood crusher breaks wood mainly by impact force. Crushing machine is working, the motor drives the internal core rotor high-speed rotation, wood evenly into the crusher chamber, the high speed rotating hammer impact wood is broken, at the same time of wood under its own gravity from the high-speed rotating hammer head to the baffle and screen in the body and is equipped with the sieve plate at the bottom of the rotor, the broken wood is less than the sieve hole through the sieve plate, Wood that is larger than the size of the sieve remains on the sieve plate and continues to be hit and ground by the hammer.
 Model PMFS-800 PMFS-1500
 Feeding port size 300×680mm 450*1500mm
 knife roll speed 1200 rev/min 2600 rev/min
number of crusher hammer 32 66
 production capacity 1-2 tons/hour 5-8 tons/hour
 main power 45Kw 55Kw*2
 Weigh 1.5 Ton 5.5 Ton
Dimensions 2800×1200×1300mm 3700*2700*3550
The powder crusher machine consists of a frame, a knife roll, a feeding device, an automatic tensioning structure and a liquid system. The control part is fully automatic control system, which saves labor cost. Crusher equipment adopts automatic feeding, can be broken wood pallet, wooden cases, branches and other waste wood. The wood crushing equipment adopts chain plate intelligent feeding, which can automatically adjust the feeding speed according to the load of the main motor. The machine avoids no-load operation, feed more smoothly, greatly improve the production capacity. The wood crusher machine for sale adopts hydraulic system, which has the advantage of convenient maintenance and cleaning. There are many types of wood crusher, the larger the model, the higher the output. The diameter of the cutter roll is different according to the model, and the size is also different. The number of blades is 2-8, and the length of the cutting wood is between 20-100mm. The cutting length of the wood can be adjusted freely within the specified range.The wood crusher machine can process a wide range of raw materials, such as wood with nails, wooden pallets, waste formwork on construction sites, wooden brackets, branches, wood, formwork waste, etc. Reeds, etc., have a wide range of applications. The crusher uses chain plates to convey the feed, which can make the feed smoother and greatly improve the production capacity. It is an ideal equipment for wood crushing.

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