Wood Pallet Slotting Machine

The wooden pallet slotting machine is a special equipment for slotting the longitudinal beam on the wooden pallet. This pallet notcher is mainly used in American wood pallet production line.The American pallet support beam is slotted to facilitate forklift operation. At the same time, forklift can feed in four directions. Automatic slotting machine is mainly used for automatic slotting and digging of wooden pallet rail;

Products Details

Automatic wooden pallet notching machine belongs to woodworking machinery. It is suitable for the slotting process in the production process of American wood pallet. This pallet notcher for sale is designed by our company according to the grooving process. According to customer feedback, we continue to improve this wooden pallet stringer notcher. Slotting machines are usually divided into single head pallet notcher and double head notching machines. The working efficiency of double-head slotting machines is higher than that of single-head slotting machines. The slotting machine can effectively improve the slotting efficiency, and the production capacity greatly exceeds the labor efficiency.

notching specifications should be set before the machine runs. Put the board into the feed tank of the machine, confirm that the board is tight and start the machine. The cutter of the machine starts and automatically pushes the wood forward to the slotted cutter.



Cutting size ico (4) ico (5)

ico (2)  800-1200 pcs/h

ico (3)  1500-1800 pcs/h

ico (1) 5-30m/min


ico (6)  15kW

ico (7)  30kW

ico (8)

ico (9)

The wood notching machine has smooth slotting, standard size, high precision and adjustable groove depth.

the cutter head of automatic wooden pallet notcher for sale is made of hard alloy, with high hardness,  can ensure the long-term use of the machine;

wood pallet notching machine is equipped with reliable safety protection device, workers do not need to contact the tool in the process of operation, high safety performance.

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