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The pallet block produced by the pallet block machine is mainly used for European pallets, which can replace the solid wood used in the traditional pallets.Pallet block is also known as pallet feet, pallet legs, pallet pier. Sawdust pallet block machine can use waste wood chips, wood shavings as raw materials, can also use a variety of straw containing wood fiber to produce wood waste pallet block. We can customize the mould of the compressed wood block machine according to the customer's requirements of the pallet size specification.

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Our company's pallet block machine is mainly used to produce various specifications of compression pallet block. Mainly with waste wood, sawdust, shavings, straw, scraps as raw materials to produce pallet block, these materials are very common in life, but also easy to get. pallet feet block machine is divided into single head pallet block machine, double heads pallet block machine, three heads pallet block machine. These three kinds of pallet block machine structure and working principle are the same, the main difference is the number of machine head mould and capacity is different.

Block pallet making machine production pallet mould can be customized according to customer requirements, ranging from 75 mm to 145 mm, pallet block machine head for the mould part of the mould, the use of material is Q235 steel, different pallet block machine has different capacity, customers can choose the right machine according to their own capacity needs. Our company's pallet block machine is the production of pallet specifications: 75*75, 80*80, 80*100, 80*120, 90*90, 100*100, 100*115, 100*120, 90*120, 145*145 and other types of pallet block machine.
 Model PMA-T2 PMA-T4 PMA-T6
 Power 18 kW 23.5kw 28.5 kW
 Density 500-600 kg/m3 500-600 kg/m3 500-600 kg/m3
 Size 75*75-145*145mm 75*75-145*145mm 75*75-100*100mm
Capacity 1.4-5.4 m3/24h 2.9-10.8 m3/24h 4.3-7.7 m3/24h
 Weight 900 kg 1500 kg 2000 kg
 Dimension 5000*500*1300mm 5000*700*1300mm 5000*900*1300mm
 pressure 3-5 Mpa 3-5 Mpa 3-5 Mpa
 Voltage 380V 50Hz 3P 380V 50Hz 3P 380V 50Hz 3P

The raw material is dried by the drum dryer to dry the excess water, and then mixed with glue in the glue mixing machine, and then into the pallet block machine. The hydraulic cylinder of the pallet block machine provides high pressure and pushes the piston extrusion raw materials. and then the pallet block is extruded through the mould with regular shape. There is an automatic cutting saw behind the pallet block machine to cut according to the required length.

The head of the three head pallet block machine contains three sets of moulds of the same specification, which can produce three pallets at the same time when working.

Single head pallet block machine only contains a set of mould on the head, suitable for small capacity production of pallet block factory.

There are only two sets of moulds in the head of the double heads pallet block machine. Compared with the single heads pallet block machine, the production efficiency is higher.

wood block making machine can produce different specifications and types of pallet block, and the production of different types of pallets can be achieved by changing the mould.

Sawdust block press machine can use waste wood, wood shavings, scraps and other raw materials production, greatly saving the cost of raw materials, .

Unique PLC control system, can be operated by touch screen, fast and efficient, simple operation, one person can operate more than one machine.

All kinds of discarded wood can be used to produce pallets, with low raw material cost, high temperature and high pressure one-time extrusion of pallets

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